Introduction: How to Make a Custom Hit/Killsound in Valve's Team Fortess 2

For this project, I'll be explaining how to make a custom hit/killsound in TF2.

A custom hit/killsound is played when you hit or kill another player. For example, you could make so that when you hit a player, the game plays a guitar riff, and when you kill another player, you could have it make a "bonk" noise.


For your supplies you need:

  1. A powerful enough computer, not a laptop.
  2. If you are going to use a laptop, use a gaming laptop.
  3. Windows 7 and above
  4. Mouse
  5. Keyboard
  6. If you are using your voice, a microphone
  7. Audacity
  8. A copy of Team Fortress 2

Step 1: Getting an Audio File From Youtube

To get an audio file, you are going to want to download it off of youtube. To get it off of youtube, copy the link of the youtube video, and then paste it at and follow the instructions there.


Step 2: Download Audacity

If you haven't already, download audacity.

Step 3: Editing the Audio Into a Shorter, More Usable Form

Open audacity, press "File", and press "Import".

Go to your Downloads folder and click on your newly acquired .wav file. Once its waveform is displayed, highlight the parts that you don't need, and press backspace.

Press "File" again, and click "Export".

When the side menu appears, press "Export as .WAV file" and name it "hitsound" or "killsound"

For ease of use, go into your C: folder and drag "hitsound"or "killsound" to your desktop.

Step 4: Implementing It Into the Game

Open up file explorer.

Go into OS (C:) and search for "tf2hit"

Once in the tf2hitsounds folder, right-click, press "New" and press folder.

Name it "sound"

Double-click on it, and inside it, create a new folder named "ui"

Drag the file "hitsound" or "killsound" into the subfolder named "ui"

Launch Team Fortress 2, join a server and shoot or kill another player. When you do, it should play your custom audio.


Step 5: Proof I Did This

hi mr gadd