Introduction: How to Make a Custom IPad Case

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Old and new collide and make something even better.

This combines my two of my favorite things, comics, and cases. I was stoked to make it, and I love the material combination of the linen and paper on this case. It’s not too hard, just nerd out and get some glue!

Feel free to get creative and add in characters from different runs or universes. So dust off those comic books and craft your new case. It's a part of you, make it something special!

Step 1: Materials and Tips:

In order to make this sweet case, you'll need:

- A printed comic (Bronze Age or older works best)

-iPad case (I suggest a linen case for best results. For my iPad, I used the Contega Linen iPad Pro 12.9 case, but Contega Thin iPad Pro 12.9 case is another great option. We make offer cases for all sizes of iPad.)


-Xacto knife

-Binder clips (about 10-15)

-Matte Modge Podge

-Heavy bristle paint brush (the densely packed bristles hold the glue best)

-Water cup



-Antique Modge Podge

-Satin Modge Podge

Step 2: Preparing the Comic Book

It's vital to prepare the comic before application. For starters, carefully separate the comic from the cover. Then, split comic in half along the spine. You can tear the two apart, but I went with the Xacto knife for a more polished look.

Thirdly, trim the pages down, removing the border. Trimming and laying out the pages will help create a guideline. I chose to focus on Superman for the most visual impact. Nothing is permanent yet, so feel free to rearrange until it's just right!

Do not wrap comic around the spine or any other bend in the case. It's best to cut the comic down to fit along the spine/crease. The spine takes a lot of wear and tear with use. Without the right fit, the movement can cause the comic to tear or even crack.

Pro-tip: If your case has an elastic band like ours, slice a little slot (about the width of the band) perpendicular to the spine, where the strap is bound to the case. Then, slide the comic into place.

Step 3: Gluing and Finishing Touches

Glue each piece down, smoothing them down as you go. Allow at least 10 minutes to elapse in between layers and be sure to coat each area with an even layer of glue. The pages will overlap, but that's exactly what we want! It'll ensure you've got full-coverage and add dimension. As for the edges, fold the comic around the edges of the case. The binder clips will really come in handy here, use them to hold the comic to the case while it dries for about 10 to 15 minutes.

While you work your way to the front, I'd suggest taking extra time and care here.The front cover will need an extra, even coat of Modge Podge. Then, lay the cover down and smooth out any lumps by hand. Let the cover dry for about an hour.

Afterward, give it all a few extra coats of your adhesive all over the case. Pro-tip: If you're aiming for a unique finish, you may want to apply your Antique or Satin Modge Podge here.

Step 4: Glamour Shots

Thanks for coming on this incredibly geeky journey with me!

Feel free to give it a shot, and let us know what you come up with. We'd love to see your creations, selfies, and your cases in all their glory.


Pad & Quill