How to Make a Cute Little Paper Gift Bag for Any Occasion?

Introduction: How to Make a Cute Little Paper Gift Bag for Any Occasion?

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The paper gift boxes are very popular in the market as they are perfect as a gifting option. These beautiful paper boxes can be used on any occasion. These days, such boxes are easily available in the market and they come in various colors and designs.

Here we are going to make one such paper gift box which looks amazing and is ideal for any occasion. This is a cute little paper gift bag you can make for kids.

Step 1: Things Needed to Make Gift Box

  • Handmade Paper
  • Colour Paper
  • Pencil
  • Craft Glue
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Decorative Pearls

Step 2: Let's Take a Printout of the Template!

  • First, download the template from our website.
  • Now, take the printout of the downloaded template on the A4 sheet and cut as per the markings.

Step 3: Let's Run the Cutter for Easy Folding!

  • Now run a cutter on the markings to cut out some portion of the box design.
  • Slowly run the cutter for easy folding. Do not cut it.

Step 4: Let's Make a Box!

  • Now, paste the edges to make the gift box.

Step 5: Let's Cut the Handmade Paper!

  • Cut the handmade paper in hexagonal shape measuring 3.5*3.5 cm on each side.
  • Now cut the long strips of the handmade paper.

Step 6: Let's Paste the Handmade Paper & Decorate the Box!

  • Paste this handmade paper on the sides of the box.
  • Mark the distances of 5 cm on the handmade paper strip.
  • Run the cutter on the markings for easy folding.
  • Paste the strip on the sides of the box to complete the box.
  • Decorate this gift box using decorative pearls.

Wow! Your DIY Paper Gift Box is now ready for any occasion.

Step 7: ​Conclusion

This colourful paper gift box is easy to make and looks attractive.

You can make as many paper boxes as you want and use your creativity to decorate them accordingly. Keep some chocolates inside it and gift it to kids to bring a smile on their face.

Hope you have enjoyed making this craft. Please do not forget to share your experiences and feedback with us in the comments section.

Happy Crafting!

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