Introduction: How to Make a DIY Extra Bass Speaker From JBL Flip 5 Teardown

Since I was a little boy, I have always had a passionate interest in making DIY things. These days, I start to think of handmade bluetooth speakers that save money and help me have fun doing things myself.

Then I decided to build an extra bass speaker with JBL Flip 5 Teardown and foam (formex). It took me just a few hours to finish the project. I am quite satisfied with its sound quality.

In this instructable, I am going to share how to make a DIY Extra Bass Speaker from JBL Flip 5 Teardown as well as all the tips and tricks to get the best results.


Step 1: Preparing Materials

I bought all the materials from local stores and on online shopping websites like Shopee.

Let's make a part list:

  • 15w Speaker (2x) from JBL Flip 5 Teardown
  • 2*15W YDA138 (Yamaha) Bluetooth Amplifier Board
  • Passive Radiator Speaker
  • Battery Level
  • Battery Charger Protection Board
  • 18650 Li-on battery (3x)
  • Switch ON/OFF
  • Power Jack Female
  • 5mm Foam (Formex)
  • 12V 2A Adapter

Of course, I also need some tools such as snap-off knife, soldering iron, compass, screwdrivers, rulers, etc.

Step 2: Making the Speaker Case and Spraying

To make the speaker case, I use foam (formex) and black spray paint.

You can use some decal papers to make your speaker look so cool :)))

Step 3: Starting With the Electronics!

  1. Making the 3S battery pack
  2. Sticking the speaker driver into the case.
  3. Soldering all parts together.

You can see more detailed steps in the tutorial video (I put the link in the Introduction part).

Step 4: Done!!

After all, I finished my project. Now let's check how it works!

Step 5: Testing the Sound Quality

Let's check it out on my Youtube channel KOA DIY - You Can Make It.

Thank you and feel free to post your ideas below!