How to Make a DIY Mason Jar Lamp

Introduction: How to Make a DIY Mason Jar Lamp


EDITED BY: Lynette Delgado, Emma Bjerklie

INTRODUCTION: A lamp made from household materials. These instructions are to guide you through making a DIY Mason Jar Lamp. It’s important to follow each individual step correctly and safely to achieve the finished product.

WARNING: Do not leave DIY Mason Jar Lamp unmonitored for more than two hours to reduce the risk of possible fire.


· 6-foot indoor extension cord

· A non-grounded lamp holder adapter

· Hot glue gun with glue sticks

· Standard size mason jar with lid and lid-tightener

· Standard light bulb

· Scissor

· Loofah

Step 1:

The mason jar should have the jar lid and jar lid-tightener attached to the mason jar.

Step 2:

Use a scissor to puncture a hole on the top of the mason jar lid. The hole needs to be the size of the lamp holder adaptor.

Step 3:

Use the scissors to widen the hole by sticking the top in and opening the scissors to get the desired width.

Step 4:

Remove the lid-tightener and lid from the mason jar. Put the adapter through the opening of the hole, prong side facing out of the jar lid.

Step 5:

Twist the lightbulb into the adapter until tightened.

Step 6:

Plug the extension cord to the prong end of the adapter. At this point, the lid and lid-tightener should be loosely fitted over the adapter.

Step 7:

Put the light bulb end into the jar and tighten the lid and lid-tightener back on the jar.

Step 8:

Cut the string around the loofah with the scissors.

Step 9:

Unravel the loofah completely.

Step 10:

Hot glue the loofah to your liking on top of the mason jar lid only. Be sure not to hot glue the mason jar lid and mason jar lid-tightener together or you will not be able to change the light bulb.

Step 11:

Ensure the extension plug on top of the mason jar is unnoticeable.

Step 12:

Cut the excess of the loofah off with a scissor and hot glue the end under the material.

Step 13:

Wait five minutes to let the glue dry before plugging in. If it’s going to be for more than two hours, make sure it is being monitored.

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    2 years ago

    What a clever use for a bath poof!