Introduction: How to Make a DIY Phone Case

Today you will learn how to make a DIY phone case. ( You will need a transparent phone case for this )

Step 1: The Start

1. Grab your phone case and start outlining it. (You will be needing a transparent phone case to do this. Make sure you do this as neat as possible and when you mess up its easy to do again.

Step 2: Cutting Out Your Design

Now cut out your paper and start thinking of your design that you want to make. You want to have a filling design so you don't think its boring.

Step 3: Checking

Then when you are happy with your design, check if the paper fits in your phone case and if not just cut some more pieces off because it doesn’t really matter.

Step 4: Designing!

Now start drawing your design and make sure you let it dry when you are done. when you are not happy with your design you might want to add some more little doodles or things to fill it up or make it look better.

Step 5: Finished Result!

Now put your design in your phone case and attach your phone the phone case. Have fun with your new case!