Introduction: How to Make a DIY Widescreen TV in 5 Minutes!!

Make your own sleek wide screen display in about 5 minutes (maybe less if you're one of the cool kids ;) Really easy to do - Looks great when it's finished!

Step 1: Grab Your Gear - TVs and DVDs

Grab 2 TVs, relatively the same size. It doesn't matter how old the TVs are, just as long as a modern DVD player can be hooked up to it. Set them side by side with as little space between them as possible.

Step 2: Prepare the Movie - Make a "Backup Copy"

Now that your TVs are hooked up to your DVD players, go to your computer and make a "backup copy" of the movie you'd like to watch. If you don't know how to do so, see this tutorial using DVD Shrink.

Insert the original movie into one DVD player, and the backup copy into the other DVD player.

Step 3: Zoom Zoom Zoom!

Press play at exactly the same time on both DVD players. Now, on your remote, press the Zoom button. If this button isn't on your remote, it's probably in your DVD players resolution settings. Adjust the zoom to X4 on both players. Then, press the left and right arrow keys to shift the frame to the left and right sides of your TVs.

Step 4: Sit, Relax, and Enjoy!

Congrats! You've just saved a few thousand dollars by making a wide screen TV! Although there is a bar in the middle of the action, the money you've saved is definitely worth it - Especially if you're a starving college student.

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