Introduction: How to Make a Darts Rack

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I wanted to make a rack for our darts which always seem to be lying on the floor or put away never to be found when wanted. I tried to keep it simple and cheap and this was the outcome.

Step 1: Supplies

  • A suitable piece of wood
  • Portable Kreg pocket hole jig
  • Drill
  • 120 Grit sandpaper
  • Stain and varnish
  • Any Saw
  • clamps

Step 2: Marking Out the Sections

To keep my project cheap, I recycled an old drawer front. Not sure what the wood was but looked good when sanded down. I cut the wood to the size I wanted and shaped the top corners for a better look. I started by marking out the sections on the wood. I divided the length of wood into two and drew a line, which is my first hole point. Then divided each side by 2 to get the center points for the two remaining holes. Repeat this as many times as your board allows. I have a gap of 7 cm between the start of the first hole and the start of the second hole going up the board,

Step 3: Adding the Holes

I clamped the jig to line up with the center line and drilled a hole into the board. Repeat this for all the holes and add as many rows as you want on your board. Make sure not to go to far up the top so that the darts pop over the top. I found the holes did not go deep enough for the darts to sit in snugly. So I used a thick nail and hammer at first to make the holes deeper. Then got a bit smarter and used the drill to make then a little deeper.

Step 4: Sand Down Wood

You might notice on my holes look different in the image above compared to the holes I drilled in the images at the start. I thought I would be lazy and not sand the wood, so I ran it through the plainer but went too deep. But no harm done still works. So don't be lazy like me :) Sand down the wood and add stain and varnish.
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Step 5:

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