Introduction: How to Make a Dinosaur Toy by Katie

This toy is super easy to make and is very unique.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

  • Gather your materials, you will need:


1. Axles and wheels (1.25")

2. 2x6 scrap or stock wood

3. Green, white and black paint

4. wood glue

5. 1/8” ply wood


1. Band saw

2. Drill Press

3. 1" belt sander

4. Router table with 1/4" round over bit

5. Drill bits

6. Any other tools necessary for safety (i.e. Goggles)

Step 2: Find a Picture

Step 3: Print Picture and Outline Around the Drawing

Print the photo to the size you would like your toy to be.

  • This will make cutting the wood much easier with less sharp corners.
  • Also add two holes in the feet for the axles and wheels.

Step 4: Make a Template


  • Place your photo onto the ply wood and trace out the dinosaur.
  • Cut the ply wood into the shape
  • Use the belt sander to fix any sharp edges.

Step 5: Cut Out Your Toy and Drill Axle Holes.


  • Use the template you cut out to trace the dinosaur shape into the 2x6 scrap or stock wood. Make sure to cut as close to the template as possible and make edges rounded.
  • Draw out the two circles on your toy for the axel holes.
  • Use the drill press to make these holes.
  • Use a drill bit that is the same size as your axels.

Step 6: Router the Edges and Sand the Edges


  • Use the router table with Router table with 1/4" round over bit to router the edges. Make sure to get in between the legs as well, otherwise they will not be smooth.
  • Sand all tool marks out
  • Sand all marks out
  • Make sure all marks are out of it.

Step 7: Paint the Dinosaur

  • Use whichever colors you like. I used green, black, and white.

Step 8: Glue in Axles and Attach Wheels.


  • Use wood glue for this step
  • Make sure that your axles fit before gluing them in.
  • If they are too small make the proper adjustments so they do.
  • Place some glue inside the hole and place your wheel over your axel.
  • Put the axle into the hole without letting the tire touch the toy (it will not be able to roll if it does)

Step 9: Celebrate