Introduction: How to Make a Donut Pillow

Why a donut pillow? Why of all things worth creating, why chose a donut pillow?

Well I’m going to answer that question. I decided to make a donut pillow because of the child spirit that is within me. As teenagers we are forced to “grow up” and act more mature and be more responsible, and it often seems as if the goofy little kid we once were is now gone below all the layers of what makes up the “normal teen.” I made a pillow to represent the idea that everyone is still a child deep inside. I chose to do a donut because that was my favorite snack as child (and it still is).

Step 1: Materials

In order to make the magnificent donut pillow, we must have the following supplies:

- Two circles of white fabric (diameter: 14 inches)

- Blue think fabric

- Scissors

- Needles

- White sewing string

- Hot glue gun

- Glue stick (for hot glue gun)

- Clothes iron

- Fabric Glue

- Ruler

- Pillow stuffing

Step 2: Attach the Two Circles Together

When you have all of the materials ready, you must attach the two circles together by the edge, but you must leave about 3 inches without sowing for stuffing! Make sure that when you are sowing, the stitches are very close to each other so the stuffing does not fall out of the pillow.

Step 3: Stuff the Pillow!

When you have finally finished sowing the pillow, flip it inside out. Then, stuff the pillow with pillow stuffing! Now you must sew the leftover section that was left open from the pillow.

Step 4: Add the Blue "Frosting" to the Pillow

A donut pillow CANNOT be an actual donut pillow without its "frosting." In order to make the "frosting" we must have a blue cloth (or any color) and cut it into a smaller circle then the white cloths. Then we must fold the circle in half two times until it has the shape of a triangle. After we have done this, we must use the scissors and cut "squiggly" around the edges. We must also cut a circle in the center, so it could give the cloth an actual form of frosting. After we have the shape of the "frosting" we must iron it to make sure it has no creases. The we grab out hot glue gun and glue it onto the pillow.

Step 5: Add the "SPRINKLES"

In order to make our donut look pretty, we must add the "sprinkles" as a finishing touch. I made my sprinkles out of thin purple cloth. Using the scissors, we must cut several small squares, about 1 cm by 1 cm each. Then we must glue them onto the blue cloth of the pillow, using fabric glue so they can stick well.

Step 6: Finished Product

After gluing everything, it is optional to iron the pillow to make sure the surface is not creased. This is what the final product should look like. Very COMFY!