Introduction: How to Make a Dragon Coin

in this instructable I will show you how to make a dragon coin

Step 1:

Choose a cylinder then change the hight to 1.40mm

Step 2:

copy Toothless made by Elok

Step 3:

select the design by right clicking and moving the mouse until you see a doted line around the design shrink it then turn it 90 degrees then make it level with the workplane then copy it

Step 4:

paste it on the coin page then shrink it more until it is smaller then the coin then move it to the coin

Step 5:

then choose TEXT then make it so that it is only a T then copy it and turn it 180 degrees and move it to the other side of the coin

Step 6:

group them and copy it then turn it until there is a space between them of any length copy it again and it will move the same amount that the two you already made are apart do it again until you cover the whole coin

Step 7:

ungroup the T’s then click any T and change it to any letter you like do this until you write as much as you want

Step 8:

choose a hole cylinder then make the diameter 1mm aline it with the coin on the side without any objects on it

Step 9:

group the coin with the hole cylinder if you and you have a coin

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