Introduction: How to Make a Duct Tape Hair Bow

Have you ever needed a specific color or pattern on a hair bow to match a certain outfit? Have you searched everywhere and still not been able to find the perfect one? Have no fear! A duct tape hair bow is simple and easy to make—plus, you can create custom designs to fit any occasion.

Supplies Needed:

• Duct tape (color(s) of your choice)

Note: Any size of duct tape role will do, however, the smaller rolls might make up a slightly smaller width of bow. Also, you may want to use two colors, as this instructable shows, to decorate the bow.

• 1 Bobby Pin

Tools Needed:

• Scissors

• Ruler

Caution: Duct tape is very sticky and sometimes difficult to cut. Be careful when cutting so that the scissors don’t cut you.

Step 1:

1. Choose what color of duct tape you would like to make your bow out of

Step 2:

2. Cut a piece of this duct tape at approximately a 3” length (this can be adjusted to however long you would like the length of your bow to be)

Step 3:

3. Repeat step one so that you have two 3” length duct tape strips

Step 4:

4. Put the sticky sides of each of the duct tape strips together

Note: This can be tricky—sometimes the duct tape will have a mind of its own and stick together unevenly. If this happens, start over from step two and try it again.

Step 5:

5. Put any kind of design (stripes, polka dots, etc.) on the strip if you would like to decorate your bow

Note: You can decorate both sides, however, I only decorated one side of the bow in this instructable.

Step 6:

6. Trim off any excess sticky edges (uneven edges are okay and will probably not be noticeable in the finished product)

Step 7:

7. Fold one of the long ends of the strip forward

Step 8:

8. Fold the previously folded strip again, but this time fold it backwards

Step 9:

9. Continue folding back and forth until you have reached the end of the strip

Step 10:

10. Put this folded strip aside

Step 11:

11. Cut approximately a 1/4” piece off of the duct tape roll (this could also be in a different color, like I've shown in this instructable, for added design)

Step 12:

12. Retrieve the folded strip you put aside

Step 13:

13. Pinch the middle of this strip with one hand to make it look like a bow

Step 14:

14. Wrap the little 1/4” piece tightly around the middle, pinched part

Step 15:

15. Crinkle the ends of the strip to make them look more “bow-like”

Step 16:

16. Place a bobby pin in the back of the bow where there is a space underneath the tape.

Step 17:

17. Enjoy all the compliments you’ll get from wearing your homemade, duct tape bow!