How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet




Introduction: How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet

If you are looking for a cheap, durable, and affordable wallet then look no further. This duct tape wallet will take about 30 minutes to make. Be patient because the duct tape can be difficult to hand.

If you find it difficult to keep your duct tape smooth do not worry. Most of the wrinkles or bubbles will be covered when you have finished.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

For your supplies you will need, two different rolls of duct tape, an exacto knife, surface to work on (I used a piece of wood), and a measuring tool (I used a tape measure, but would recommend using a ruler).

Step 2: Decide on Secondary and Primary Colors

Decide which roll of tape will be your primary color and which will be your secondary color. The primary color will dominate the outside of the wallet, but the secondary will dominate the inside of the wallet.

Step 3: Making Your Fabric

This is the first sheet of "fabric" you will make.

Cut four pieces of your primary duct tape 8" long, or however long you want your wallet. Then slightly overlap each piece so they create one whole piece that is roughly 6" wide.

This step can be tricky because the tape does not handle real well. However, exercise some patience and everything will be fine. Also, do not worry about bumps or wrinkles because they will be covered up by the end.

Step 4: Fabric Sheet #2

Cut four more pieces of your primary color duct tape 8" long. Overlap the four pieces again, so you have two sheets of fabric.

Step 5: Making the Outside of Your Wallet

Now that you have two sheets of duct tape fabric, place one sheet on top of the other so that the sticky sides Are together. Feel free to trim the edges to clean it up a bit.

This can be the most stubborn step because matching up the two sheets can be tedious, and mistakes are not easily forgiven. However, a mistake here can be easily fixed as long as it's not too severe. If the pieces do not line up perfectly, and it is likely they won't , then simply trim the edges or fold the tape.

Step 6: Making the First Trim

Cut one strip from your secondary color duct tape 8" long. Then cut it in half, so you have two thin pieces. Place them on the top and bottom of your duct tape sheet

This will be the first time the secondary tape will be used. This step creates a trim for the pouch of the wallet.

Step 7: A Pouch Is Born

Fold your wallet in half. Then cut another strip from your secondary color duct tape, but this time make It 3" long, or whatever the width is of your wallet folded in half. Cut your strip in half again and place on the right and left side of your wallet.

Line up the wallet as best as possible and tape up the right and left side of the wallet. By taping up the left and right side of the wallet a pouch is created.

Step 8: Making the Card Holder

Cut two strips from your primary color tape 4" long and put the two adhesive sides together. This will be the inside pocket of your wallet where you can put your cards.

Step 9: A Trim for Your Pocket

Cut one strip from your secondary color tape about 4" long and cut that piece in half. Then place one strip on the top of your inside pocket and fold it over.

Creating the trim for the wallet will make it easy to slide cards in and out without the cards sticking to the wallet.

Step 10: Fold the Wallet

Fold your wallet in half from left to right so there is a crease in the middle.

Folding the wallet makes it easy to see where to place the card pocket. Avoid placing the pocket too far into the center because it will make the wallet a little harder to close.

Step 11: Attaching Your Pocket

With your secondary tape, tape the two sides of your pocket to the inside of your wallet. If you want a second pocket, simply follow steps 8, 9, and 11.

Step 12: Finish Your Wallet

Cut one strip from your secondary tape the length of your wallet, it should be about 8” long, or the length of the wallet. Then tape the bottom part of your inside pocket(s). Depending how much of your primary color you want visible on the inside, you may want to cut your piece of tape in half. I wanted to see more of my secondary color on the inside, so I did not cut my piece of tape in half.

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