How to Make a Electric Car - Simple - (SUPER FAST)/Easy DIY




Introduction: How to Make a Electric Car - Simple - (SUPER FAST)/Easy DIY

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How to Make a Electric Car - Simple

Step 1: Tools You Need to Make This Simple Electric Speed Car

  1. DC Motor
  2. Battery
  3. Tiffin Box
  4. Straw
  5. Glue Gun
  6. Soldering iron
  7. Sticks
  8. Plastic Bottle Caps
  9. Pinium
  10. Black Tape
  11. Foam

Step 2: Hole Bottle Caps

Now hole plastic bottle caps in the middle with Soldering iron.

Step 3: Take a Straw and Bottle Caps

Now take a straw and bottle caps and sticks.

Step 4: Make a Wheel With Bottle Caps

Now make a wheel with bottle caps straw and sticks as like picture.

Step 5: Make Another Wheel

Now make another wheel with bottle caps, stick and must place the pinium as like picture.

Step 6: Now Add Straw in the 2nd Wheel

Now add straw in 2nd wheel where you use pinium and straw must cut in the middle and add it withe the wheel. See the picture.

Step 7: Add Battery With Wheel

Now add battery with 1st wheel using glue gun.

Step 8: Add DC Motor With Battery

In this Stage now you need to add DC Motor with Battery using glue gun. See the picture

Step 9: Take Sticks

Now take sticks and divided it 2 part

Step 10: Add DC Motor and 2nd Wheel

Now add dc motor and 2nd wheel using black tape. See the picture.

Step 11: Add 2 Sticks

Now add 2 sticks 2 side of the car with 2 wheel using glue gun as like the picture

Step 12: Take Any Tiffin Box or What Ever You Want to Place It

Now take any Tiffin box or any thing u want to pace it top side of the car.

Step 13: Add a Small Foam

Now add a small foam top of the car using glue gun.

Step 14: Now Add Your Car With the Tiffin Box

Now add your car with tiffing box at the top of the car using glue gun. see the picture.

Step 15: Connect DC Motor and Battery

Now Connect DC Motor and Battery to run your car.

Step 16: Finally Your Car Is Ready to Run

Now run your car and enjoy yourself.

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If you didn't understand any of the stage, Plz check my full video tutorial.

How to Make a Electric Car - Simple - (SUPER FAST)/Easy DIY

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