Introduction: How to Make a Exe File

Hello, I will teach you how to make an executable file. (also known as .exe files) This requires no coding at all. Just forge installer. Links will be provided here: InstallForge So, without further ado I will teach you how to make a .exe file...

Step 1: Download InstallForge

Downloading InstallForge is fairly easy first you would need to locate the download page. Link-provided here:


Once you open the IFSetup it will take you through a series of pages just click next or accept (so on... so on...)

Then it will start the Download Process

Once finished select Launch InstallForge.

Step 2: Setup Your Exe File

To set up your exe file is not that hard. There will be different tabs with different things. You can select or unselect things such as an Unistall for your exe file. A license agreement and more... Also InstallForge has its own images installed so it will take you to those images. From there you can select the one you want. Now onto the last step

Step 3: Build Your Exe File

To build your exe file head to the top where it shows a gear icon and it says build. From there it will take you to files explorer. Then you type in a name for your file and it will start compiling it. Don't worry if it shows a lot of options. Just keep the settings you have for the build tab. Once InstallForge finishes locate your file double click it and you have done it. It will take you through a series of steps then it will install the files that you uploaded. Congrats!