Introduction: How to Make a Fairy Jar Without Glow Sticks

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We're crazy about fairies and anything that glows! Put the combination together and we go bonkers. (Doesn't everyone?) When we saw people on Pinterest making fairy jars we had to try one. The only problem – most of them use glow sticks and mom said "NO WAY" for safety reasons.

Not to fear my fellow fairy lovers. We found a kid friendly method that is not only fun, but lasts for weeks or as long as your battery operated tea lights.


  • 1 glass or plastic jar
  • 1 sheet of tissue paper
  • 1 fairy silhouette – we provide a free template on our website ;-)
  • Watered down Mod Podge – glue
  • 1 glue gun to tack down the fairy inside your jar
  • 1 or 2 battery operated tea lights.

P.S. We picked up most of our items at the $1 store.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

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