Introduction: How to Make a Faux Fur Clutch

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If you share my love of J. Crew and thrift-store budget, use some secondhand (or new) materials to create a fabulous furry clutch to tote to all your holiday parties this year!

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Step 1: What You Will Need

I got my faux fur at a flea market, my clutch from Goodwill and my ribbon from the packaging of a blanket. You can use what you have lying around or buy new materials. Make it your own! For the actual sewing, you will need straight pins, a tape measure, thread, a thimble and a sewing machine, although the sewing machine is optional; you could easily sew this by hand.

Step 2: Covering Your Bag in Fur

First, fold your fur in half, right sides together. Place your bag on top of the fur with the bottom of the bag on the fold line of the fur. Trim the fur, leaving one inch of extra fabric on each side and at the top. Pin the sides together and sew using a one inch seam (this is actually the only time I used my sewing machine).
Turn the fur right side out and use a pin to gently pull the fur out of the seams.
Slide your bag inside the fur pouch, turn the upper edges underneath and hand stitch to secure them.

Step 3: Adding the Little (but Oh So Important!) Details

To make the bow, fold your ribbon back and forth until you have the desired number of loops.
Sew through the middle and wrap a short piece of ribbon around the middle and secure in the back with a few stitches, then sew the bow to the faux fur.
Now sew the upper part of the faux fur to the bag. This was the hardest part for me because the bag I was using was pretty thick near the top where I attached it. That's where the thimble comes in. You could also glue the fur to the bag, but I wanted a really clean look.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Load your new faux fur clutch up with your necessities and hit the town!

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