Introduction: How to Make a Firefly Mason Jar Nightlight

WARNING: Avoid direct contact to skin and eyes with glow stick liquid. Can cause minor irritations.

Gloves should be worn when handling open glow sticks.

Adult supervision required when using scissors.

Please be sure to read all instructions before beginning.

Step 1: Collect Supplies

  • Glow sticks (3 or more) (Tip: purchase thin glow sticks)
  • Scissors
  • Mason jar or relevant container
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Newspaper or paper towel
  • Rubber gloves

Step 2: Crack/Bend the Glow Sticks

Take the glow sticks and crack them until they glow completely.

Step 3: Open the Mason Jar

Remove the lid to the mason jar and set it aside.

Step 4: Put on Gloves

Put gloves on for protection. The glow stick liquid can be harmful to your skin and mouth if ingested causing mild irritation. It is up to you if you want to wear one or two gloves. If you chose to wear one glove, put it on the hand that you will be holding the glow sticks in, most likely your non-dominant hand.

Step 5: Hold the Scissors and Glow Sticks

Gather the scissors and glow sticks. Use one hand to hold the scissors and the other to hold the glow sticks. It is best to hold one glow stick at a time.

Step 6: Use Scissors to Cut the Ends of the Glow Sticks

Using your scissors, cut one end off of each glow stick over the mason jar.

Step 7: Empty the Glow Stick Liquid

After cutting each glow stick, pour the liquid from the glow stick into the jar. It is best to do this one glow stick at a time.

Step 8: Remove Glow Stick Remains

After pouring the glow stick liquid into the jar, get rid of the excess remains of each glow stick tube.

Step 9: Add Glitter

Add glitter to the jar. The glitter can be added after each glow stick is poured into the jar or at the end when the jar is completely filled with liquid.

Step 10: Seal Lid

Close the lid to the mason jar and make sure its secure.

Step 11: Shake Jar

Shake the mason jar to ensure that all of the contents in the jar are evenly dispersed.

Step 12: Turn Off Lights

Place the jar in a dark room or turn out the lights to see the finished product glow.