Introduction: How to Make a Shirt-Folder Out of Cardboard

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I was shopping at a store the other day when I saw one of the stores employees using a FlipFold to fold the stores shirts. I looked at the product, thinking about how simple it was but so efficient for someone like me who does not like to do the laundry. I wanted one but did not want to pay the $20 it costs to get one. So, I decided to make one out of a piece of cardboard I found laying around my house that was from an box. Above is picture of the finished product. If you want to learn how to make a cheap FlipFold read on..

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

Here are the supplies needed: 
 -A piece of cardboard with heigth 20" and length 24"
 -Scotch clear tape (optional)

Here are the tools needed:
 -A ruler 
 -A pen
 -A pair of scissors

Step 2: Making the FlipFold

First, make two lines on the length side at 1/3 of the way out (8") and another at 2/3 of the way out (16"). Use you ruler to and make the lines go straight up to the middle of the cardboard (like shown in picture). Now, cut along those lines. Now crease the the rectangle on the far left by folding it right and pushing down. Let each piece that you crease return to its original position. Once that part is creased then, crease the bottom square that is in the middle of your two cuts by folding it up. I used tape to stiffen a precious crease that was on my cardboard. Then, crease the rectangle on the far right by folding it to the left. 

Step 3: How to Fold Your T-shirts

To fold a t-shirt using the cardboard FlipFold. First, place your t-shirt face down on the cardboard, stretching it out so that the bottom hangs down the bottom. Fold the bottom up until it lines up with the bottom of the cardboard. Next, fold the left rectangle over. Then, fold the right rectangle over to the left and tuck the sleeve hanging out in. Then, fold the bottom square up to complete the fold. That is the final fold. Now you are left with a nice folded t-shirt.

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