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Introduction: DIY Mother's Day Photo Frame

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On the occasion of this Mother's day, I was thinking to gift something to my mom.Mean while, I was browsing the instructables contest page, and saw the Flower Contest which inspire me to make this flowered theme canvas photo frame.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Required

Materials Required:

1. Satin Ribbon-Pink ( Amazon )

2. Satin Ribbon-Green (Amazon)

3.Scissors ( Amazon )

4.Pencil (Amazon)

5.Candle (Amazon )

6. Canvas Frame ( 8"x 10") ( Amazon )

7.Acrylic Paint ( Amazon )

8. Transparent Acrylic Sheet (Amazon )

9.Glue Sticks (Amazon)

Tools Required :

1. Glue Gun ( Amazon)

2. Lighter (Amazon)

3.Ruler (Amazon )

4. Tweezers (Amazon)

Step 2: Making Petals

Cut a small strips of satin ribbon with length equals to its width ( square shape)

Fold it diagonally as shown in the above picture.This will look like a tingle.

Then fold it from its two edges.Be sure to leave some spaces in between them.For better understanding,you may see the above picture.

To stick the folded edges portion of ribbon, by applying heat.You may use a lighter or a tealight candle.I prefer to use a tealight candle.To avoid burning of your finger, use a tweezers to hold the petal.

Repeat the same procedure for making as much as you required.

To make the middle petal of the rose, first fold the satin ribbon strip at the diagonal.Then hold one corner with the help of tweezers, and roll it until the end.Make sure it is not too much tight, loose rolling will make the flower look much beautiful.

Step 3: Making Roses

Hold the middle petal with your fingers,then glue the petals all around.Use hot glue or any other fabric glue.

Make inner side of rose petals much closer than the outer side.See the above picture for better understanding.

Repeat the same procedure for making roses as much as you need.

Step 4: Making Leaves

Cut the green satin ribbon of length approximately 3 to 4 cm randomly.

Then trim the edges with the help of scissor so that it will look like a leaf.

When you cut the ribbon,side threads tend to come out from its original position of fabric.

To make it intact,heat the edges of the leaf with help of tealight candle and tweezers as shown above.

Repeat the same procedure for making leaves as much as you need.The number of leaves are approximately 2 to 3 times the number of roses.

Step 5: Gluing Leaves With the Roses

Hold the rose from back side and apply some hot glue to it.

Then stick the leaves on it.Glue two to three leaves per rose.

Repeat the same procedure for making roses along with its leaf as much as you need.

Step 6: Prepare the Canvas Frame

Place the photo of your choice at the center of the canvas frame.

Then cut a thin transparent acrylic sheet with little more margin than the photo size.Place it over the photo with gluing its all edges.You can place some heavy object or books over it.

Then leave some margin on all the sides to place your rose fabric.

Leave some margin from the outer edge of the canvas frame to color it with fabric color.I used black acrylic color.

leave some time to dry both the acrylic sheet and acrylic color.

Step 7: Gluing the Roses on the Frame

After completely drying the glue and acrylic color,glue the prepared roses all around the photo frame not in perfect rectangular shape.

Step 8: Mounting the Frame

To mount the canvas frame, I used 3M mounting squares at the all corners and middle portion of the length bar.

Now remove the protective film from the 3M mounting squares and mount it on a suitable location of your wall.

The final look is really beautiful, I am satisfied with it.

Thanks for reading my Instructables. Please don't forget to share if you like it.

This is my first Instructables,please rectify me and give suggestion at the comment section.

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