How to Make a Flying Mr. Instructable

Introduction: How to Make a Flying Mr. Instructable

About: My name is Michael I am 14 and live in middle Tn, I am a 3d printing CNC machining Drone flying maker. Ever since getting into digital fabrication 3 years ago I have been learning and trying since.

This is a neat project that is very simple and fun to make. The inspiration for this project came while i was browsing Instructables and realized that the Instructables robot would make a great airplane. This is a simple project that anyone with a little patience can accomplish. I recommend some prior experience building RC airplanes.

My goals for this project where:

Easy to build

Fast build time

A fun project


Start by collecting your materials:

1 sheet of foam board

Red yellow and black spray paint


1806 motor

4in propeller

10amp ESC

x2 servos (any size under 9g)

450mah 3s battery


Hot glue gun

Soldering Iron

basic hand tools (Knife, screwdrivers, etc...)

Step 1: Design and Cut

To start the assembly start by drawing a Instructables robot onto a sheet of foam board.

For mine, I drew it in fusion 360 and cut it on a X-Carve CNC machine. Since most people don't have access to a CNC I recommend printing a screenshot of the robot and drawing a simple robot directly onto the foam board. With that completed cut it out with a knife. Painting is where this project will really come to life. For mine I chose the standard yellow red and black but feel free to use your imagination.

1. draw design on to foam board.

2. cut the design out with a sharp knife

3. paint however you like it

Tips for painting!

When spray painting foamboard it is crucial to only put on light coats and not over spray. Over spraying the paint onto the foam will make it warp and peel.

Step 2: Glue Together

With all the pieces cut out and painted it is now time to start assembly.

With projects like this that are not completely symmetrical it is helpful to make a reference line down the center and make thing symmetrical to that. If you don't, there is a good chance that the parts will not be parallel and it will not fly well. I don't have plans but if you follow the pictures and make sure to keep everything square you should not have any problems.

Step 3: Electronic and Finishing

Now that you have the frame built it is time to add electronics and make it RC.

1806 motor

4in propeller

10amp ESC

x2 servos (any size under 9g)

450mah 3s battery

The motor mounts onto the front of the pod with a 3d printed mount. Glue in the servos about in the middle and Velcro the battery behind the motor. one of the most important parts in this step in getting the ballance right. With most airplanes you want the CG (Center of Gravity) to be 1/3 of the wing back.

You should now have the airplane built and painted. All the electronic should also be mounted and the CG set.

Make sure that all the servos are moving the correct direction and the motor spins the right way. I did not show all the electronics wiring because there is already so much about that online.

With that, you should be finished and ready to fly.

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    Clever, I like it! : )