Introduction: How to Make a Framed Chalkboard

Some people just have that magic touch.  My friend Ken is one of those people.

We’ve all seen or heard about chalkboard paint.  It’s available at any home store these days.  However, Ken takes it to a whole new level.  He surrounded his chalkboard with an elaborate antique frame to create a menu board fit for a palace.  My version is a bit more shabby-chic than expensive-antique and it’s easy to tailor the basic concept to your personal style.  Here’s how you do it…


Antique frame (you can find them in thrift stores, antique shops or estate sales)
Damp rag
¼ Plywood (you can also use foam board if you don’t have the tools to cut wood)
Table saw or jigsaw
Wood filler
Paint for frame
Chalkboard paint
Paint brushes
Sand paper


-Remove all glass, art, backing, nails and wire from your frame
-Clean with damp rag
-Patch any holes, nicks or imperfections with wood filler
-If you’d like, paint your frame with spray paint or whatever you have lying around
-Measure the frame opening (from the back) and cut your board to size (the home store can do this for you)
-Sand your board until smooth
-Apply at least 3 coats of chalkboard paint, allowing ample time to dry between coats
-Insert chalkboard into old frame and secure with nails hammered in at an angle


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