Introduction: How to Make a Framed Crayon Letter

A Framed Crayon Letter is a fun and easy craft that is perfect to put in a child's bedroom, a playroom, give as a teachers gift, etc. This project requires only a few supplies that you can get at any craft or retail store at a very reasonable price. This craft is also very nice because you can customize it with different letters, sizes, and color patterns.


*Using a knife is involved in this project so be sure that there is adult supervision while making this craft.

Step 1: Gather Materials

To begin making a Framed Crayon Letter you will need to gather the following materials:

1. Picture frame-I used an 8x10 frame but you can choose any size you want

2. Glue

3. A box of Crayons- you may need more boxes depending on how big you make your letter

4. A knife

5.A plain piece of paper

6. A paper with your chosen letter on it to be used as a stencil

Step 2: Creating a Stencil of Your Letter

The first step for this project is to make a stencil of your chosen letter. You can either find a font you like from an online image or by choosing a certain font on Microsoft Word. Personally I found my chosen letter through Google images ( and then inserted it into a Word document and resized it to fit my 8x10 frame. You can either print the letter stencil out or simply trace it right off of your computer screen.

Step 3: Cut Your Crayons Down to the Correct Size

The next step in this project is cutting the crayons to the correct size. You will want to choose what color patten you want before cutting since each crayon might have a different size. Simply line the chosen crayon color up to your stencil and cut it where needed.(You could mark the crayon with a pen at the exact place you will cut for precise length) Make sure to use a sharp knife so the crayon edges are not jagged. To keep your crayons in the correct size and color order, simply lay them out in the right order after cutting them.

Step 4: Glue Down Crayons

Once all your crayons are cut to the right size, you can start to glue. First, put a fresh plain piece of paper over the paper with the stencil on it to make sure no outlines can be seen through the crayons. Next one by one you can start gluing the crayons down in the chosen order.

For the letter "S" I started near the top then worked about half way down then started near the bottom working my way up to double check that the crayons would line up.

Once all the crayons have been glued down let dry until they are filmy attached. I recommend waiting at least an hour.

Step 5: Put Letter in Frame

Once the crayons are firmly attached it is time to put it into the frame. First, take the frame back apart and also remove the glass. Then simply place the crayon letter in the frame making sure the glass is behind it for extra support and so there is room for the crayons in the front.

See the video for extra assistance.

Step 6: Final Product

Once the crayon letter is framed you are finished!

You now have a great piece of art to display or to be given as a gift.