Introduction: How to Make a Front Bicycle Rack

Ride your bike to work // Ride your bike to look cool // Ride your bike to make shopping !

In any case, you need a vintage FRONT BICYCLE RACK for your beautiful vintage bicycle !

Now it's possible to show yours organic tomatoes and ride your bicycle with style !


Tools Used :

- inverter stick welder

- drilling machine

- angle grinder

- hand tools

Materials Used :

- square steel tubes 12 * 12 * 1,6 mm

- round steel bars ∅6 mm

- rectangular steel bars 3 * 20 mm

- rectangular aluminum bars 3 * 20 mm

- stainless steel bolts M6 * 30 mm

- stainless steel bolts M6 * 50/60 mm

- stainless steel sticks ∅1,6 mm

Step 1: Metal Cutting Time

This section requires patience to cut good metal pieces !

Step 2: Assembly of Metal Pieces

In all cases, tack welding must be required to join together metal pieces.

Step 3: Welding Time

For fine steel thickness, I advise you to weld with stainless steel sticks. This technique allows assembling two parts of fine steel thickness without passing through steel pieces.

- welding intensity = 30 - 35 A

Step 4: Rack Assembly and Installation

  1. - Make holes in the aluminum bars and fix them with bolts. You need to take some measures of your handlebars to adjust the length of the aluminum bars.
  2. - Fold the aluminum bars around the handlebars and fix it with two bolts.
  3. - Fix the support arms between the rack and the front wheel. Adjust the size of the arms to fit with the size of your front wheel.

Step 5: Bike Riding and Shopping !

Now, it's the ideal time to ride your bike. Go Shopping ! Go Working ! Go Travelling !

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