Introduction: Galaxy Bottle

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Looking for a cool gift to make? These galaxies in a bottle are perfect for any individual. You can make these out of common household items, and you most likely will have all of the items already on hand! It's great for both adults and kids to make.

Step 1: Materials!

For this project, you'll need:

-a jar, water bottle, or test tube



-food coloring

-a small wooden dowel


-cotton balls

Step 2: Pour Water

Pour the amount of water in as high as you would like. This will be the first color.

Step 3: Pour in Food Coloring

Pour in the amount of food coloring you like, but I recommend 1 to 2 drops.

Step 4: Mix It Up!

Using your wooden dowel, mix the food coloring in

Step 5: Add Glitter

Add a very small amount of glitter. Less is better! You should probably use silver glitter or gold glitter to look like stars.

Step 6: Add Cotton

After mixing up the glitter, tear up the cotton balls and put them in the colored water. Push them down as you go using the wooden dowel.

Step 7: Fill It Up With More Water

Add more water to desired height for another color.

Step 8: Add Food Coloring

Add a different color of food coloring into the new layer of water. Mix it up.

Step 9: Add Glitter

Add a smudge of glitter, and then mix it in.

Step 10: Add Cotton Balls

As done before, add your cotton balls, tearing them up before you put them into the water. Push them down, but not too hard, because you don't want the other color mixing with the new color.

Step 11: Repeat

Repeat as Many Times as you like/need to fill your jar. Be Creative!

A big thanks to kailinaxbeauty32, as I took the pictures from her youtube video.

That's how I learned!

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