How to Make a Game in Game Maker

Introduction: How to Make a Game in Game Maker

Have you ever heard of the software called Game Maker? Maybe. It isn't easy to use. And it takes some time to understand. It doesn't only make games, it can also make software. Now, we'll start with a simple game. You can move the square around.


1 computer with Game Maker.

Step 1: Start a Project

Right now, we need to start a new project.

If you don't have Game Maker, then download it from here. You can buy it or get the free edition.

Step 2: Make the Square

We need to make the sprite for the square, so that we can see the object. Then we will need to make the object for the square. And then, we will need the room to put the square in.

Step 3: Square Game Code

So the game code is a little complicated. We have to open the square object menu, and we can add events. Put the up, down, left, and right keyboard button events. Next, put the up, down, left, right button released events. Then drag the first button on the right with arrows in all directions into the event workspace. Double-click the action, and click the button that shows which direction your event says. Set the speed to 5. When you get to the released events, click the dot button in the center, and set the speed to 0. Look at the code with the video.

Step 4: Decoration

You might want to change the background color. You can do this in the room menu. Congrats! You just made a game in Game Maker. If you want the game as an exe file, then just hit the button on the save button's right. Then click the dropdown menu. Click standalone exe, and save your game. You're done, and you have the .exe

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