Introduction: Make Gaming Steering Wheel(Have Buttons)

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Hello! This is this is Gaming Steering Wheel (Have Buttons)

A great idea for those who love speed games

Make a Gaming Steering Wheel (Have Buttons) . It's very interesting!. I hope you like this idea

- Projecting images on a TV screen makes gaming more enjoyable

- Buttons help you play the game easier, without having to manipulate the phone screen

👉 Let's make it!

⚡ Sorry everyone, but this tutorial may not be detailed. You can see the specific instructions by the video I posted above

Step 1: Create a Circle

Create a big circle and a small inner circle with radius of 14cm and 10.5cm respectively

Step 2: Make a Steering Wheel

Place the phone on the cardboard and Draw lines according to your phone

Create 4 circles so we will get a steering wheel

Step 3: Create Button

Prepare the ice cream stick as shown and prepare to cut

Step 4: Buttons

We have 5 sliced ice cream sticks. Please paste it as follows

- Paste three ice cream sticks into one

- Paste the straw in between the other two rods

Step 5: Create the Operation Mechanism of the Button

Use screws, springs, to create mechanism of operation

Make a few holes to attach the screws

Use glue to attach tightly

Step 6: Mechanism of Action

Use foil and a piece of power wire

Foil helps conduct electricity from a person's hand to the screen of a phone

Use double-sided tape to fasten the wire and foil

Step 7: Test

Check operation

And it worked very well

- Watch the video to see how it works (from 04:48 - 04:57)

Step 8: Use Phone Clip to Hold the Phone Tightly

Attach the phone clip on the steering wheel

Step 9: Make a Small Groove

Make a small groove to place the wires

Step 10: Attach the Button to the Steering Wheel

Attach the button on the steering wheel

Use a screwdriver to secure the button to the cardboard

Step 11: Create Another Circle

Create another circle to make the front

Note : You can remove the phone clip
Not necessarily put in as shown in the picture

Step 12: Prepare the Cardboard

Prepare the cardboard and Place the pieces as shown

Step 13: Create a Hole

Create a hole to attach the steering wheel

Create another hole

Step 14: Use the Rubber Band

Use the rubber band to keep the steering wheel moving

Step 15: Decoration

Decoration for the steering wheel. You can custom color that you want!

Step 16: Like and Follow DDN DIY :)))

Finished product . Let's see the finished product

Thank you for watching. Please support me in the next DIY projects!