Introduction: How to Make a Generator

a simple way to make a generator

Step 1: Step 1: Grab Materials

1. a spool of copper wire

2. cardboard

3. ruler

4. four magnets

5. 1.5 volt light bulb

6. scissors

7. a nail

8.sand paper glue

10. tape

Step 2: Step 2: Make Measurements

1.make a measurement 8 cm up

2.make measurement of 8 cm across

3. 3.5 cm across

4. 8 cm across

5. 3.2 cm across

6. 7.7 across

7. now cut out card board out

Step 3: Step 3: Fold Card Board Into Square

were you made the measurements fold on those lines to make a square. if you are having troubles folding you can use a ruler to help you fold. once you fold take tape and tape the cardboard together

Step 4: Step 4: Make Lines on Box

make an x on both sides of the box to find the middle. once you have done that take your nail or pin and stick it threw the middle of each side of the box. if the nail or pin is crooked you will have to restart. once you have made the holes in the box take your magnets put two magnets together to make two pairs. once you have done that have your partner hold the magnets apart and hot glue the together so the pairs of magnets don't touch, but make sure there is enough space between the magnets so that the nail is touching both pairs of magnets. take the magnets and put them in the box and put the nail between them in the box. take box and use hot glue to keep the nail and magnets together.

Step 5: Step 5: Wrap Wire

take a piece of wire about 6 inches shave off both ends of the red insulator so the energy can transfer from the inside the box to the out side. take that wire and wrap one end of the wire to the nail on the inside and tape the other end to the out side of the box, make sure the tape isn't covering the part of the wire that you shaved the insulator. take the spool of wire you will need two lengths of the middle school hallway, you can have 200 to 300 wraps around the box. make sure the piece of the of wire that is on the inside to the out side is touching copper to copper and not copper to insulator. once you have wrapped the wire around the box that there are two ends of wire sticking out. take those wires and shave the insulators of the ends of the wire.

Step 6: Step 6: the Final Step

take your 1.5 volt light bulb and attach the ends of the light to the wire. to see if your generator works take an end of the nail or pin and spin to see if your generator can power your light, you will have to spin the magnets really fast to produce enough energy to power the light.

Step 7: If It Is Not Working

if your generator doesn't work

1. the magnets are touching the side of the box

2. the lights aren't connected to the generator

3. the wire snapped some were

4. there is no electricity going to the lights

5. you are not spinning the magnets fast enough

Step 8: Why Our Generator Did Not Work

the generator we built did not work because of our wire set up but don't worry we know what we did wrong so we fixed it for you. the reason our generator didn't work is because the insulator wasn't on the ends of the wire so there was no electricity moving through the wire there was no way for the energy to enter. and remember we fixed it for you.