Introduction: How to Make a Genuine French Dressing

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If you ever wonder how a real French dressing is made well there it is. In France dressings are actually classified as sauces and they are widely used with vegetables, tomatoes and green salads. I am sharing with you below the classic version that we use in France in almost every home.

In the video you can see the following:

1st: The plain sauce vinaigrette

2nd: the Vinaigrette with Mustard (Dijon mustard)

3rd vinaigrette infused with French shallots

Measurements for the classic plain vinaigrette given based on a liter of Oil:

Oil: 1 litre

vinegar 0.30 litre

0.040 Kg of Mustard (optional)

Salt ( to your liking)

Pepper (to you liking)

Step 1: Put Salt, Pepper, and Vinegar in a Salad Bowl.

Take a salad bowl large enough to contain your dressing

Add a pinch of Salt and a pinch or black or white pepper in the Bowl.

Then add 1 table spoon of red wine vinegar (over the salt and pepper)

Once done , slowly stir the mix of vinegar, salt and pepper until the salt has completely dissolve.

Step 2: Add the Oil to the Mix and Stir Gently

Add now 3 table spoon of sunflower or vegetable Oil to the mix.

Stir gently to combine the ingredients

Your French dressing is now ready.

Step 3: Your'e Done! Now Use Your Dressing Any Ways You Like

To finish its good to know that you can use any type of vinegar and oil you like when making a dressing.

as long as you respect the quantities the type of dressing you can make are endless.

For something different use one spoon of oil and two spoon of cream with your vinegar.

Finish with a pinch of chopped chives and serve with freshly peeled and cut cucumbers.


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