Introduction: Good Skyblocks

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A skyblock a fun activity in minecraft where you start on a flying island and you have to make your island survivable then an empire. Skyblocks very between creators but one thing they have in common is a small island with a tree and a chest. some have one island some have multiple islands

Step 1: Make the Base 1/2

you are going to start of by making a pillar of stone that at the top you are going to put eight blocks of stone around the top block then remove the pillar so that it should look like the second picture

Step 2: Building the Base 2/2

next you are going to build two more nine block squares as shone above

Step 3: Build the Island

next you will take and do the last step one more time on top of the last then you repeat the last step two more times but with dirt so that it looks like the picture above

Step 4: Necessary Decorations

you have a island but can you survive on it? no you need stuff on top of it like a tree and a chest for a good tree i would put three blocks of wood on top of each other then surround the top block with leaves then put a chest next to it.

Step 5: The Chest

the chest needs to have all the necessary survival tools: food, plants, tools, armor, etc...

Step 6: Be Creative

now that you have the bare bones minimum it's time to create make more islands as many as you want be creative with them this has been how to make a good skyblock good bye

(PS: if this is a terrible instructible then i am sorry this is my first instructible)