Introduction: How to Make a Great Exploding Knex Grenade With Pin

One day I was building K'nex grenades and the one thing that I noticed was that none of them really exploded. They just kind of fell apart, so I decided to develop my own. I spent hours trying to find a way to actually get the pieces to fly off. Finally I hit upon this design. It explodes so well that I am still looking for pieces that had gotten lost during testing.

The blast radius is about 10 feet, so do not throw near people, animals, or breakables.

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Step 1: Parts List

The K'nex pieces you need:

2 dark grey connectors
8 red connectors
2 white connectors
2 blue spacers
1 blue rod

Step 2: The Pin

This will keep the grenade from exploding in your face while you are putting the ammo (red connectors) on.

1. Make this.

Now that wasn't too bad was it?

Step 3: Adding the Ammo

These connectors are a little hard to get on but if you keep trying you will do it.

1. This is how the red connectors attach to the white ones.
2. Close-up.
3. Put them on opposite each other.
4. Add more at 90 degrees to the first two.
5. Fill in the empty spaces.
6. Done!

Step 4: Using Your Grenade

To use your grenade, remove the pin by taking off the grey connectors and removing the blue rod (pic 1). Chuck the grenade (pic 2) at something hard (wall, ground, etc.). I find that brick walls work great. If it does not explode, throw it harder or PM me about your problem.

I will try to embed a video of it exploding later.
Now that was easy! (pic 3)