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Introduction: How to Make a Greeting Clock

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Build yourself a greeting clock to say the time in your own way!

It shouldn't take over a quarter of your day, and plant a smile that's there to stay :)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

  1. Gather all the materials you need to make a greeting clock.
  2. All you'll need is paint (and a brush), glue, cardboard, scissors, a marker, and some SAM blocks!
  3. Organise them all pretty, so there's no need to make a clean-up stop :)

Step 2: Cut It Out

  1. Next, cut the outside shapes of this clock cube.
  2. Trace the SAM blocks onto the top and side views.
  3. Cut those rectangles out to give the pieces a new do.
  4. When you've finished cutting all of the sides (6 - top, bottom, 4 sides), put them together with really good glue!

Step 3: Make the Insides of the Clock

  1. Cut 8 rectangular pieces of paper for the insides.
  2. On the papers, cut little tabs on the top sides.
  3. A cardboard middle bit also needs to be provided.
  4. To make this, cut two matching circles and a cross-shaped axle, then you'll make these pieces combine.
  5. Cut 16 tiny circles around the circumferences of the big ones, and 4 rectangles in the middle to accommodate the axle in due time.
  6. Glue the cross axle together and to the circles, too, to get a middle bit that spins just right.
  7. Group your papers in twos to customise, half a message on piece 1 and the rest *upside down* on piece 2 is all you should write.
  8. Slip the tabbed paper into the tiny circles, ensuring piece 1 is turned the right way, and piece number 2 hangs upside down for the ride.

Step 4: Connect Your SAMs

  1. We mentioned you'll need a few SAM blocks.
  2. Grab your DC Motor, Button, and Buzzer and turn them on.
  3. Drag and drop them onto the canvas, pull out 2 toggles, 2 intervals and a hold from your stock.
  4. Connect the button to the toggles, and the toggles to the interval clocks.
  5. The top interval should then connect to the hold, then give the DC Motor a friend by connecting the dots.
  6. The bottom interval connects to the buzzer, so that your clock buzzes on top!

Step 5: Assemble Your Clock

  1. Now that you have your pieces and your SAM blocks connected, it's time to assemble your clock to be sure it isn't defective :)
  2. Inside of your assembled clock box, put the DC Motor axle through a hole on the side then attach a wheel for it to be tested.
  3. Now that your axle has all of your paper greetings in effect, glue it to the fixed wheel on the motor to make it active.
  4. Put your SAM Buzzer and Button in their assorted sectors, and make sure they work by try to press them!

Step 6: Watch It Go!

Voila! You see, it's easy to make :)

Now tell that clock to say it's time for cake!

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Very clever! Can it have more than two messages?


    Reply 4 years ago


    Yes, of course! There are 8 pieces of paper, so you can have 4 messages that it will display. Just repeat the same process for each of the paper steps :)