Introduction: How to Make a Hair Dryer - DIY Homemade Hair Dryer

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Step 1:

Make the fan: Cut a 5" diameter plastic circle. Install a Mini Universal Drill Chuck. Cut the lines. Heat to bend.

Step 2:

Cut 4 pieces 1/4" x 2" long (Foam Board) and glue them to a High Speed DC Motor (DC 6V-24V 30000 RPM). Install the Drill Chuck/Fan to the motor and insert it in a 2" x 2" x 1-1/2" ABS Sanitary Tee.

Step 3:

Nichrome Resistor Wire 7.5M / AWG24 / 0.5mm: Make 20 spirals.

Insert Terminal Blocks Strips Wire Cable Connectores.

Step 4:

Cover the 2" Spigot x 1-1/2" Hub ABS Reducing Bushing with Aluminium Foil Tape.

Glue the Nichrome Wire using an Automotive Grade RTV Sealant Temperature Range Up To 204° C.

Step 5:

- Make a hole in a 1 1/2" ABS Cap Hub and install the Power Adapter.

- Connect both red wires coming from the Nichrome Resistor and the Power Adapter Jack to the red switch.

- Connect both red wires coming from the DC Motor and the Power Adapter Jack to the green switch.

- Connect all black wires coming from the DC Motor and Nichrome Resistor to the Power Adapter Jack.

- Make holes in a 2" ABS Cap Hub and glue it to the back of the hair dryer.

Step 6:

For cool air, press the green button. For hot air, press both red and green buttons.

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