Introduction: How to Make a Halloween Goody Bag

Since Halloween is right around the corner, here is a how-to on how to construct the best Halloween goody bag that you can make.


  • Small bag
  • Different types of candy
  • stickers/tattoos
  • stickers

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Begin by collecting the necessary materials.

Step 2: Lay Out Your Bags

Move on to spreading out the goody bags in to two horizontal lines.

Step 3: Open Candy Bag 1

Proceed to opening the kit-kat bags.

Step 4: Place Candy in Bag

Place one kit-kat in each bag.

Step 5: Open Next Bag of Candy

Open the next bag of candy, the pixy stix bag.

Step 6: Place Candy in Bag Again

Place one pixy stix in to each goody bag.

Step 7: Open Third Bag of Candy

Proceed to open the third bag of candy (smarties).

Step 8: Place Each Candy in Each Bag

Place one of each of the smarties into each bag.

Step 9: Open Sticker Bag

Open the bag of stickers.

Step 10: Place Sticker in Bag

Place one sticker in each goody bag.

Step 11: Close Your Bag

Close the bag by folding the top.