Introduction: How to Make a Hanging Paracord Chair

This is a very comfortable and a fairly easy to make chair that you can put in most places that have beams or branches above you. It took me a total of 5 hours to put together and hang for my first time.

Step 1:

The first thing that you need to do for this task is to consider all materials, cost, and time that is required.
What you need to accomplish this feat is:
1. power saw or table saw
2. power drill 
3. drill bit
4. safety glasses
5. 3 (1x5in.) 12ft. wood boards
6. 75ft. of Paracord
7. 6 eye hooks 
8. Sandpaper
9. Level

Total Cost: $26.79
Time Spent: 5 Hours
Fun and Enjoyment of the Chair: Priceless

Step 2: Step 1 (Cutting)

You need to start by marking your wooden boards (1x5in. 12ft) to be cut. Cut the boards to your preferred width. I cut the boards to a width of 3 feet. A thing to keep in mind is that if you have a smaller width or a 1/2x4 inch board, then you might not need as much wood and can cut down on the cost. Use the power saw to cut your boards into desired length. You should have 12 boards cut and ready.

Step 3: Step 2 (Making Holes)

Once you have all of your boards cut out, then you must move onto having holes put into your boards. This is so that you can weave the paracord in and bring the boards together. The first and last board should only four holes in them.

All the other boards should have 8 holes in them for now (4 pairs of two holes). About an inch from each corner (of each board besides the first and last boards) you should drill a hole. Put another hole about 2 inches from each of you first holes in the direction toward the middle of the board.

The first and last boards you do the same thing ,EXCEPT you only do it to only one side of the board.

Once you drill all of your holes, use sandpaper and sand around all the holes to make them smooth and remove risk of splinters when sitting in it later on.

Step 4: Step 3 (Weaving the Cord)

After you have sanded all the holes you are now ready to move on to Step 3. Cut 2 ,21 feet, strings of paracord from supply of paracord. Begin with a board that only has 4 holes in it.

Start on one side of the boards, then move on to the other. Place one end of the paracord on one hole and the opposite end of the paracord in the coupled hole. This will create a bar across the back of your first board. When you pull these through the first board, you want to try and have the strings of paracord divided evenly. This makes sure that you  do not run out of string when your going down each side.

Now you bring another board in and cross your strings when putting your strings into the adjacent holes of the new board. This should give an "X' appearance on the front. Then run the strings parallel to each other on the back to the next coupled holes on the same board. Pull The string through the holes so that the strings are sticking out of the front of the boards. Repeat this process until you get to the last board.

After you have done this you will have some string left over to tied a firm knot so that the string will not loosen or pass back through you holes. At this point It looks like you just have a bunch of boards tied together in a line.

Step 5: Step 5 (The Hanging)

After having all you boards firmly and securely tied together, you will need to make 8 more holes in your boards. These are the holes that you will run your string through to hang your chair up. On your 7th and 8th board, you want to drill two holes on the sides of each board. You will also want to have two holes( one on each side) on you top and bottom boards much like the 7th OR 8th board.

Now you will use the remaining paracord to hang the boards.THIS IS THE CRUCIAL  PART OF PROJECT! There will not be measurments for this because it will very depending on hoe reclined or erect you want the chair. It will also very to how low you want the chair and how high your beams or branches are from desired hieght of the chair. When you hang the boards it must be level. Here you will need your level, eye hooks, paracord, and drill. 

Find a place that you desire to hang your chair. remember it must be under beams or branches! You will drill your eye hooks into the beams(or branches) above. This will be easiest if done in pairs; two eye hooks for your top board, two eye hooks for your 7th and eigth boards, and two eye hooks for your last board. * The farther your eye hooks are, the more reclined your chair will be. It works Vise versa.

One you have placed all your eye hooks up you are now ready to start tying up the boards. It is not impossible to do this step alone but it is extreamly difficult, so it is best to grab a friend. have you or your friend hold the boards at desired hieght while you or your friend ties the paracord on both sides. Keep a eye on the level so that when you have the top board tied up it is stil level.

Then have your next two eye holes. The will hang lower than first board by two or three feet. For this set you should run your string through one hole and make a sturdy knot at the bottom of your 7th board, run the string up through the eye hole and down the your 8th board and make another sturdy knot at the bottom of board. Do this for both sides and make sure your 7th board is sitting level! This is important.

Now move on to your last set of eye hooks. These can very to where and how you want to screw these in dependng on how reclined you want to be in your chair. The easiest way to tie these on are to make a knot on one end of your string running it from the back of your board to the front, then running it through your eye hook and back through your hole in the last board then tying a sturdy knot. This should hang lower than any of your other boards. Remember to make sure your last board is also level!!!

The boards being level is crucial!!!!!!!  How low or high you hang each board and how spread out you make each set of eye holes changes how the chair sits. Keep this in mind while hanging and spacing things, 

Step 6: Step 6 (Test It!!)

Once you have your chair hanging you are now ready to test it! Get two or three smaller people to sit in the chair at one time to exceed weight that will norally be in it and see if it holds. This is to make sure you have all your knots secure and all your eye hooks screwed in adequately.  

Step 7: Enjoy It!

Sit back and relax! enjoy what you have made! The wood moves to the shape of your body so it is a VERY comfortable chair for you to sit in.