Introduction: How to Make a Hanging Stained Glass Window

Listed is a set of instructions showing users how to make a Stained Glass Window (not actual glass)

  • May take up to 30 minutes (depending on the size of the paper).
  • Crayons may break.
  • Can be a little messy.
  • You will love the outcome!

Step 1: Materials You Will Need:

  • Printer Paper(White)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Box of Crayons
  • Bottle of Baby Oil
  • Hole Puncher
  • Thumbtack
  • String(Preferably Yarn)

Step 2: Making Lines/Shapes on the Paper in a Variety of Angles

  • Take the ruler and lay it flat on the paper (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally).
  • Trace the outline with your pencil.
  • Continue tracing the outline with your pencil while switching up which way you lay the ruler until the paper is filled with lines.

Step 3: Continued: Making Lines/Shapes on the Paper in a Variety of Angles

The paper should look as follows with different angled lines all across the paper until the paper is filled.

Step 4: Coloring the Stained Glass Window

  • Apply elbow grease (Elbow grease is when you put your arm on the table and color as hard and as dark as you can on the paper).
    • Do not worry if break a couple of crayons while coloring.
    • You are free to use whatever design and color scheme you may like. Try not to make boxes next to each other the same color and try not to use too light of colors.

Step 5: Creating the Stained Glass Effect

  • Turn the paper over to the back.
  • Pour baby oil onto the back of the paper.
  • Apply in a circular motion until the entire paper is covered.

Step 6: Continued: Creating the Stained Glass Effect

Here is how the Stained Glass Window should look after applying the baby oil. It should have a glossy look to it.

Step 7: The Finished Stained Glass Window

  • Hold the Stained Glass Window up to the sun or some type of light (You should be able to see straight through the paper after this step).

Step 8: Hole Punch the Paper

  • Insert 2 holes at the top of the paper with a hole puncher.

Step 9: Tie the String

  • Insert the string into each hole and start to knot each side separately.

Step 10: Continue to Tie the String

  • Tie the string two times at least for the string to be tight.

Step 11: Continued: Continue to Tie the String

  • Here is a view of the hand motions of how the string should be tied and knotted.

Step 12: Cutting Off the String

  • Cut off the extra string so any excess string hangs off (make sure the string is tied where it is fitted to the hole, no excess space).

Step 13: Continued: Cutting Off the String

  • Here is how the knotted string should look after cutting off any excess string.

Step 14: Hanging Up the Stained Glass Window

  • Stick the tack above the window and hang your Stained Glass Window up.
  • Here is how your finished DIY project should look hanging above any window of your choosing.

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