How to Make a Hanging Welcome Sign




Introduction: How to Make a Hanging Welcome Sign

Need to update that front door welcome sign or looking for a great DIY present; here is a helpful how-to for using a Cricut to create a great fun and warm piece.


For this project, you'll need a 10" wood disc, paint/stain, Cricut Explore: vinyl cutting machine, Cricut cutting mat, Cricut vinyl, Cricut vinyl transfer tape, a hard plastic card, a drill with a drill bit, scissors, and floral wire.

Step 1:

To shorten this step by step process I am starting with a wood disc that painted the night before. Now to choose what you would like your welcome to say, I found my inspiration on Pinterest, if you find yourself needing a little help finding some inspiration for your welcome sign I would recommend searching "hanging welcome signs for the front door." In this step, you should also connect your computer to your Cricut Explore by the USB cord provided.

Step 2:

Once you have what you would like your sign to say you have two options when using your Cricut Explore. The first option is taking the inspiration image you found and uploading it to your Cricut Design Space. The second Option is personalizing your text in the Design Space by clicking add text. For this project, I will be personalizing my text.

Step 3:

After typing the personalized text I am now ready to move on to preparing to cut some vinyl stickers. At the top right corner of the Cricut Design Space click the make it button, Cricut Design Space will now take you to the final page before the vinyl cutting stage. On this page, it gives a preview of how big the text is on the cutting mat as seen in the top left corner of the computer screen. Upon clicking the cutting mat image Cricut brings me to a larger preview that helps me determine how big of a vinyl chunk to cut off the vinyl roll.

Step 4:

After cutting what we will need off the vinyl roll I placed my chunk onto the Cricut cutting mat using a card to smooth out any air bubbles before placing our cutting mat into the machine. With all of the air bubbles out place the cutting mat into the Cricut Explore, press the load/unload arrow, and wait for the Cricut cutting button to start flashing. Click the flashing button on the Cricut Explore and the Cricut will then proceed to cut the vinyl. When done cutting hit the load/unload arrow again and Cricut will release the cutting mat and vinyl. Clean up your finish project by removing all excess vinyl so only the words are left on the liner backing.

Step 5:

With my vinyl text done I can now transfer my text onto the 10" painted disc. Using the Cricut vinyl transfer tape, peel the liner backing off so that the sticky coating is exposed. Place the Transfer tape STICKY SIDE DOWN on top of the vinyl text. Once placed over the top of the text rub down with a card to ensure that the adhesive sticks to the vinyl well. Carefully peel away the liner backing so that only the sticky vinyl and transfer tape is left.

Step 6:

Placing the 10" disc on a flat sturdy table I line the transfer tape with the vinyl over the disc where I want it. After choosing the placement of the vinyl press down so that both transfer tape and vinyl stick to the disc, smooth out with a card again to ensure that the adhesive sticks to the disc. Once the vinyl and transfer tape are smoothed out SLOWLY peel back the transfer tape to not lift the vinyl with it.

Step 7:

We made it to the last step and our sign is almost done! Taking the drill and a small drill bit, drill into one side of the disc creating a small hole. Repeat this step for the other side. With the floral wire decide how long the sign should hang down, cut the wire to the appropriate length. Take one end of the wire and put it through one of the holes so that a half-inch of the wire is exposed. Bend making a "J" shape, taking the excess wire wrap around the arch until all excess is wrapped. Repeat with the other side.

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