Introduction: How to Make a Hard Scoring Target

Have you ever wanted to do hard stuff?


1. Metal hanging thing

2. Glue

3. a dart

4. A paper or printer

5. A metal dish

Step 1: Printing Time

If you have a printer then print a target. If you do not have a printer then draw a target and glue it to the metal dish like in the first photo. You can test it but we are not done yet.

Step 2: The Hanging Next Test Then Done.

Then get the metal hanging thing and because that is metal it will attach to the target also put it on the back you can look at the 1st photo to see what it looks like. Then you can test it with 2 people but when you are testing you need to look at the next page because it is the rules. You can look at the video to see.

Step 3: The Rules

  1. Stay far away and shoot
  2. Look at the first photo it will explain.
  3. Wear the target
  4. If the dart falls or touches the human then they are out.

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