Introduction: How to Make a Harry Potter Wand

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Hey guys in this instructable I will show you how to make a harry potter inspired wand with a mini wood lathe, this project is for beginner to intermediate lathe skill, here is what you will need:

a wood lathe

lathe tools

black and brown wood stain

60, 80, 120, 400 grit sand paper

some beeswax

and a dremel tool with a cutting attachment

Step 1: Making the Wand

first if you don't already a round dowel you will need to shave it down to a cylinder, once it's down to a cylinder use the parting tool to bring it down to the diameter you want, then you work on the wand handle, once the handle is where you want it start tapering down the wand stem to a blunted point, be careful at this point because the wood may start chattering and it is possible that it could break, so I would use sandpaper to bring it to the point of where you want it, then use the stain to make it the colour you want, then let it dry, once it's dry at this point you can use beeswax to seal the wood or some other wood sealant, then using a dremel cut off both ends of the wand then sand those ends down and your done

Thanks for reading