Introduction: How to Make a Hawaiian Cheeseburger

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In this Instructable I will teach you how to grill a Hawaiian Cheeseburger.

If you have ever been to Island Burgers or Red Robin you may have had one of their burgers. Man are these ever good at these restaurants.

Step 1: Safety

OK boys and girls I will start with the safety issues related to this process.

1. Wash your hands prior to handling food, after all I don't know where you hands have been.

2. Raw meat carries coodies make sure you wash your hands after handling.

3. Under cooked meat still carries coodies, make sure you cook to at least medium well, or so I am told, to kill the coodies.

--3.a. Do not to use the same plate to place the burgers on when they are done, as the one you carried the raw meat out on because it may have coodies on it also.

4. Fire can burn you so don't play around with it. Or if you need to experiment with it to understand what I am saying that is your own choice.

5. Don't be a Doofus and burn your house down either or else I will laugh at you. Keep you grill away from your house, flames and houses should not go together.

I think that is it, I am sure someone will let me know if I have missed something.

BTW youi can catch "coodies" from girls also (he he he...)

Step 2: Supplies

Here is a list of what you will need.

1. A grill or stove to cook on.

2. Hamburger patties premade or make your own. I used premade, however I have been know to make some killer homemade burgers.

3. Hamburger buns I used Gourmet buns, cause I'm fancy like that. Actually I think it enhances the burger.

4. A Spatula - I am not going to tell you how or when to use this item. If you don't know what it is or when to use it you should stop now.

5. A plate. (Same goes for this one)

6. Teriyaki Sauce/ Marinade

7. Pineapple rings

8. Swiss Cheese slices

9. Baster/paint brush

10 Tongs - used to pick up the pineapple slice

Step 3: Getting It Started

Start by heating up your grill. I turn mine on high. This is easy if you have a gas grill, turn it on and let it cook any coodies from a prior cookout for about 10 minutes. Mine gets up to around 400 degrees. You can use a wire brush to remove any crispy remains.

Once that is done turn your heat on the grill down to around medium heat. (This would be the same heat range for a stove. For a charcoal grill... well there are to many variables so you will have to figure it out for yourself.)

Place your burgers and a slice of pineapple for each burger on the grill.

Next pick up your basting brush and pour a little Teriyaki sauce on the bristles and apply it to the pineapples slices.

Now do the same with the burgers, watch out because the sauce comes out quickly, well mine does anyway.

Shut the lid and let it start cooking.

Step 4: Watch for Your Cue to Flip

When to flip?? I flip once that is all you need, you just have to know when.

When the burger starts getting to the point where bight red blood is covering your cooking burger then it is time to flip it. This occurs around 3-4 minutes depending on your heat level used when cooking. Since we have already added the teryaki sauce it may be hard to see the bright red blood rise to the surface. If this is the case you wil have to look at another indicator the edges of the burger.

Typically the sauce and grease will both run off of the burger's edge. This is where we will look for the other indicator. You will be able to tell the burger is ready to flip because the outside edge will be darker and may have a brown cooked look to it. Or it may be a little puffy looking.

When you are at this point flip the pineapple rings over, before you flip the burgers. This way you won't have to work through any flame flare ups.

If and when you are ready you can sear the patty/patties once if you want to get some grease out, but you don't need to if you don't want to. Plus all of the grease just burns off in flames anyways, which in turn creates smoke that gets in your eyes and burns.

So flip the burger, flames will come up because all of the blood is turning in to grease. Just be sure not to get burned, or try not to anyway.

Now that you have flipped the pineapple rings and the burgers it is basting time again.

Go ahead and baste this side of the pineapple rings and burgers. You can put on a thicker amout this time if you want to. It will thicken up and provide for a tastier burger.

Step 5: Throw on the Buns

About a minute after you have flipped the burgers and have applied the basting sauce, it is time to put your buns on the grill (don't do this if you are using a frying pan, you just get soggy buns).

I mean put your buns on the grill to toast them and not the buns you sit on, that would just hurt if you sat on the grill.

This adds to the overall experience and flavor of our burger.

Step 6: Watch for the Next Sign

Watch for the next sign which is flames flaring up.

When this happens remove the buns from the grill and place your cheese slices (if you want cheese that is) on the burgers.

In this instance I moved the burgers to a non-flare up spot.

I feel two slices of swiss cheese makes a better burger. You will have to decide for yourself, one or two?

Step 7: Remove Burger From Grill

About one minute after you place the cheese on the burger the cheese should be melted, but not sliding off the burger. Now the burger is ready to come off.

Place the burger directly on to the bottom piece of the bun.

Then remove the pineapple slices and place them right on top of the burger with the cheese face up.

Next pour a little teriyaki sauce on top and inside of the pineapple rings.

Finally, add condiments if you like and or lettuce, tomato, and onions, or whatever. I myself love just the flavor of the meat, pineapple, and teriyaki sauce.

Step 8: Side Dishes

You may want some side dishes, such as seasond fries. Man are those ever good with these burgers!

Have what you want and enjoy your meal!

Thanks for reading

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