Introduction: How to Make a High Speed Fan With DC Motor?

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First, watch the full video hen you will understand Everything.

Details are Given Below.

Step 1: Need Ice Cream Sticks

1. First, we need some ice cream Sticks.

2. Use some Hot Glue to Attach the sticks like pic2

3. Repeat the process 5 Times.

4. After all done, the Icecream stick should look like pic4.

Step 2: Old DVD

Need an Old DVD and attach the ice cream bar with the DVD with Hot Glue as shown in the picture. and it will be used as a Stand.

Step 3: DC Motor

I am using a 9V DC Motor for rotating the fan. the connection is simple just connect +ve and -ve wires with the Motor.

Step 4: Battery Connecton

Now for the battery Connection, I am using an Old Battery terminal

removed the old battery and cut the extra copper strip and soldered te +ve and -ve wires.

Step 5: Fan Attachment

I am using a small fan. you can get various sizes of fan from the electronic shop. choose from there as you need.

Step 6: Working!!

Turned on the switch and the fan is working well.

And producing a great amount of air (pic3)

It is a very simple Project anyone can make it very Easily.