Introduction: How to Make a Homemade Table Saw With Circular Saw

This time I'll make a homemade table saw by using regular circular saw
How I did it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions bellow.

For this project you will need:


Melamine, plywood or other board for table top and legs

Wood screws (50mm) and 16mm with flat head

Circular saw

Zip tie

Power strip


Drill and bits



A file

Step 1: Preparation

Drilled 5 4mm holes in circular saw base - that's will be new fixing points to the board. Also cleaned burs left after drilling.

Step 2: The Position of Saw

For table saw top, I'll use some old laminated particle board also know as melamine. It's 1.8cm thickness, 50cm wide and 80cm long. I think it was a part of cabinet or closet before. But it will work for me ideal - because this board is straight, and all edges are perfectly square.
Put circular saw in my preferred place. I wanted to have 30cm from front to the saw, but that's depends from your personal mind.

Checked does everything is square, and marked fixing points. Predrilled and screwed all 5 screws in. I used 16mm wood screws with flat head. This will give more holding surface and sits better, to flat circular saw base. Let's check does it still perpendicular to surface, and to front edge.

Step 3: In Progress

Turn on circular saw and slowly cut a gap for blade in melamine board.

Check does saw is square to table top. And it is!

Step 4: Table Saw Base

Marked, predrilled and screwed two beams with 8 by 4 cm size to the bottom of board. This will be fixing structure for table saw legs. To make legs, i used the same laminated particle boards like before, from same old closet. between both legs - inserted one more board, to give more support for all construction.

Step 5: Electric Part

Zip tied depressed trigger. Made two holes, to zip it power strip. I'm using power strip with on/off button. That's will be my on/off switch.

Step 6: Test Cut

And finally - lets test it. With two clamps and square beam, I made temporarily side fence.

Later on, I made a proper table saw fen. How I did it - you could check In my other insctructables article, Click Here!

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