Introduction: How to Make a House in Minecraft

In this beginner friendly DIY, you will learn how to make a house in Minecraft.

Step 1: Find an Area of Flat Land, or a Spot That You Can Easily Clear Out

This is important to clearly see what you are building and not to accidentally miss a step.

Step 2: Build a 7x7x4 Template

This is the base model of your house. The building materials you use do not matter, I chose mine since I like the look of it. You can add these templates together as many times as you want to make the house even larger. If you do that you may have to compensate for small details later on depending on the size.

Step 3: Finish Your Template

As you can see in the image, this is the pattern of templates I put together.

Step 4: Create a Ring

Create a ring along the inside of the template. I chose to use spruce planks to help show the ring. Repeat this with every outward facing side.

Step 5: Remove the Outside Template Along Ring

The oak planks are only used as a template so they aren't needed once you create the ring.

Step 6: Create Outside Wall Decorations.

On the bottom of the wall, use stairs to give it a clean look. Face the outermost stairs outwards from the wall and place the innermost stairs on the side of the outermost stairs, at a sharp angle, while facing them upside down. Finish the bottom side with a slab on the top side of the bottom block in the middle. After that place 2 oak logs facing upwards on the left and right sides of the inner ring. Place glass panes within the logs in the middle of the ring. Once you are done with that place 2 fences going upwards on each side of the ring but on the outside on top of the outermost stairs. Next, place two logs facing outwards on top of the fences. Then place two stairs facing outwards with the bottom side on the top. Now repeat this process on each ring that you built around the house until you are finished.

Step 7: Missing Section Touch Up

Your house should look similar to this now, but there are still some more things to do. There are gaps between each ring set. What I did to fix this was putting another stone stair facing outwards and upside down on the bottom most block, then stacking logs upwards to the top of the house, and finally placing another spruce stair facing outwards and upside down.

Step 8: Roofing - Narrow Walls

This section is only applicable to walls with only one ring on it, as shown in the pictures. To start, place an upside down stair facing inwards towards the middle of the ring, like in the 1st picture. Then place another stair on top of that one facing away from the middle of the ring. Next, place another upside down stair facing inwards and towards the middle of the ring and repeat this process until the stair is almost towards the middle. Switch to the other side and repeat this same process until the two top most stairs are one block away from each other. Once this happens, place an upside down stair facing outwards between the two, like shown in the 4th picture. After this place a single slab on the top of the block going outwards. Repeat this for the side directly opposite of this once, only if it is a narrow wall as well.

Step 9: Roofing - 2 Ring Walls

This process is very similar to the narrow wall roofing section, but with a slightly altered process. I used birch planks on the right to show the slabs and full blocks of stone I used instead of stairs to extend its length, along with some alternately placed stairs. Both sides are identical in building. The top of the roof has 2 extra slabs on each side of the slab and stair combo.

Step 10: Roofing - Inner Outer Layer

For the inner layer, place stairs going along with the outermost stairs, while going upwards along with the shape. Once you reach the top on narrow ring walls place blocks along the middle and finish with slabs on top of them. The double ring wall is pretty much the same thing but requires more attention to detail, blocks and slabs to be applied. Repeat process until finished.

Step 11: Roofing - Narrow Walls - Inner Inner Layer

On the inside of the roof, the place may look a little empty and out of place. To fix this place stairs upside down going upwards with the same pattern as the roof one block inwards against the walls. I used birch stairs to help point out the needed blocks, with the opposite side being the block I will replace it with. At the top you may or may not need to replace the block you chose to give it a cleaner look. Then, place more blocks behind those stairs to fill in the space behind it to give it a better, more full look. I used wool for this, since it would help with the overall design of my house. After finishing that, place fences on against the open space against the wall in the roof.

Step 12: Roofing - Double Ring Walls - Inner Inner Layer

The process is the same, except follow the pattern like you did with roofing this side for the outer layer.

Step 13: Entrance!

To build the entrance, simply remove the middle stair or slab between windows or the space that was left over from the template earlier. In this picture, I placed my door in the middle of the double ring wall.

Step 14: Light It Up!

The outside is large and will have lots of dark spots, to combat this, place torches on corners and key projecting blocks to provide enough lighting.

Step 15: Inside Maintenance

When you enter your new house, you'll notice that whatever your house was built on has now become the floor. Replace this with whatever block of your choosing. Also along the top of the walls and inward projecting corners there are empty spaces that you may fill in. I chose to fill these spots in and used birch wood to show an example of an empty space left over.

Step 16: Interior Decorations

Once you have finished all of the previous steps, feel free to "spruce" up your interior with paintings and other objects to give the house a better look. I used stairs in the ceiling corners to give the ceiling a smoother look.

Step 17: Good Job, You Did It!

Finally you completed your best house in Minecraft, now go enjoy it!