How to Make a Jean Collar Sweatshirt




Introduction: How to Make a Jean Collar Sweatshirt

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Ever wonder what would happen if you bred a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt? Well check out this baby! This jean collar sweatshirt is a great diy style that looks great on guys. Thanks to amazing Threadbanger forum member Ryan Moore for this idea and lesson! To see his tutorial in more detail, check out the video. Want more Threadheads DIY fashion? Subscribe now on iTunes! Just do it!

Old pair of jeans (or just the top waistband with zipper part)
Plain crew neck sweatshirt
Seam Ripper
Sewing Machine

Step 1: Cut the Jean Waist and the Sweatshirt Collar

Take your seam ripper and start ripping off the bottom part of the belt loops.

Cut around the waistband and down around the zipper, making sure to leave enough room to sew. If the jeans have a logo on the back, rip that off with a seam ripper.

Take out your sweatshirt and carefully cut the collar off right below the seam.

Step 2: Pin the Jean Waist to the Sweatshirt Collar

Pin the top part of the waistband to the neck hole of the sweatshirt. Make sure you line up the zipper with your tag on the sweatshirt so that it is centered. Pin all the way to the shoulders on both sides.

Cut right next to the back belt loop.

Flip the shirt over. Pin one of the jean pieces to the collar.

Take the other jean piece and lay it on top, making sure you line it up. Pin it down through all the layers.

Cut the excess of the piece off, a little bit beyond the center back of the shirt. Do the same for the jean piece underneath so that it doesn't get too bulky back there.

Step 3: Sew Jean and Sweatshirt Together

Sew a seam at the top of the waistband and collar, going around (not over!) your belt loops. When you reach the front button, only sew to the end of the layer because later we will be cutting the front open. If you sew all the way around, the front won't open like a zipper fly should! Sew down and all the way around the fly as well.

Now, sew around the bottom of the waistband. Then sew down the bottom part of the belt loops.

Turn the sweatshirt inside-out. Cut next to your seams that you made around the zipper fly.

Turn it right-side-out and yer done!

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    5 years ago

    I LOVE this concept, but the execution wasn't the best. I would suggest at least sewing the ends on the inside so that they're not visible and fraying. It looks kind of sloppy this way.

    That being said, I still love the concept and think that it's a super cool and creative design. I am totally doing this later.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i did something not quite like this but i made a polo like shirt using a long sleeve button down and a black t-shurt and put the color on the t-shirt


    12 years ago on Introduction

    well i happen to love this idea!!! i hate t-shirt or sweatshirt collars that are high on my neck. i feel like they're choking me. i'm definitely going to try this. heck, you can ever use t-shirts and 'softer' dress pant waistbands. thanks bud!


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    i agree... however i think if the cuts were more clean it could potentially look pretty good...


    12 years ago on Introduction

    That's weird looking. I loved his pokemon hoodie though.

    nice. i might do this. dont think so tho. idk. depends on the next time some jeans rip