Introduction: How to Make a Jedi Comlink

This is my first instructable, and there has been a lot of confusion with it. Hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials

  • masking tape
  • scotch tape
  • floss box
  • beading wire
  • scissors

Step 2: Antenna

Unroll about an inch of beading wire from the spool.

Step 3: Antenna, Pt 2

Cut off the inch of wire.

Step 4: Microphone

Wrap some masking tape around the end of the antenna.

Step 5: Connections

With scotch tape, tape the antenna onto the floss box.

Step 6: After Effects

It should now look like this.

Step 7: Pt One, the Ripping

Bend back the antenna so that the floss box top can open.

Step 8: Pt 2, the Ripping

Rip the top of the floss box off. Then, bend the wire back upright.

Step 9: After Effects 2

It should now look like this.

Step 10: Open It Up

Well, as the title says, open the floss box up.

Step 11: Taking Out the Guts

Take the window piece out of the comlink/ floss box.

Step 12: After Effects 3

It should now look like this.

Step 13: Masking the Guts

Put a layer of masking tape on the window piece.

Step 14: Puttin' It Together

Put the window piece back into the box and then close the box.

Step 15: Final Product

This is your final product.

Step 16: Final Product

This is your final Jedi com link with labels for all the pieces.

Hope you enjoyed this instructable!