Introduction: How to Make a Key Organizer

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I hate having to carry keys! They make a lot of noise and often I lose them because they would be on a big lanyard with a bunch of key chains. So I decided to make something to hold just my keys and wouldn't make noise. I don't have a lot of keys but I have 3, Car, House, and Work. So far this organizer has worked great!

This is a really easy project to make and can be done with just a coping saw.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

1. Wood

2. Scroll saw or coping saw

3. Drill

4. Stain

5. Finish

6. Two nuts & bolts (length depends on how many keys you want it to hold)

Step 2: Cutting & Drilling

I attached the template with spray adhesive. I decided to drill out the holes before I cut out the shape in case the template decided to come off before it finished cutting.

I used my scroll saw to cut this out and both pieces only took about 10 mins with the speed set to medium. You could easily use a coping saw but will most likely take longer. However that is an option.

I have included a cutting template if you want to make one.


Step 3: Sanding

I sanded everything with a 120 grit sandpaper. I mostly just used it to break down the edges.

Once that was done I used a countersink bit to sink the holes on one side so the nuts and bolts could sit flush.

Step 4: Finishing

I used a spray on Walnut stain. I let it dry for ten mins before applying a clear coat. I really like how the spray stain works and looks.

Step 5: Assembly

This part is pretty easy I screwed the bolts in and then put a washer on top of each. Then i put one key on each side so they were facing each other. I repeated that process for the number of keys I had.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Key Organizer

I love how this project came out. (I love how all how my projects come out regardless of how they look) It is very easy and quick to use and I have had no issue. I made this one for my dad, the one I use has my car key in it and it works really well. I have an old car so the key doesn't have any kind of black rubber stuff on it. The thing about these is they make no noise!

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or if you make one. Also if you want to buy one.