Introduction: How to Make a Kids Chair From Reclaimed Wood

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My son told me that he wanted us to build a chair – I jumped at the opportunity and decided that we would build a chair together.

I was using available material collected from the garbage: planks dismantled from an old wooden house.

Before we started to make the chair, I sat and made sketches of chairs that could be built with the planks I found.

I chose the sketch that seemed to me the simplest to do and require the use of basic tools. (list below)

I took the general measurements of the chair out of two kid's chairs that we had and increased the measurements so that the Chair would also be used for later age.

Today he is four-and-a-half years old and 1.06 Meter tall.

Dimensions of all the planks I use in this project: 9X2 cm

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Step 1: Measurements

Mark measurements before cutting.

measure twice cut once :)

If the dimensions are unclear contact me.

Step 2: Cut

I used Jig saw, but you can use any other kind of saw.

Step 3: Rear - Right Leg Connection

After I sand it all, it was time to start putting it together.

I started with the rear legs.

The next process will repeat at all stages of assembly:

Applying glue, Pre-drilling, Insert screw.

At this point I gave a small angle to a back backrest.

Step 4: Front - Left Leg Connection

Making sure the planks are aligned with each other and at 90 degrees.

Step 5: Connecting Left & Right

I started from the top, checked all the time that measurements were identical and parallel.

Step 6: Seat Connection

Started from the front plank and I moved in.

In the backboard I made a Mortise (Is that the right word for it?)

anyway.. its adds stability to the chair.

And finally I connected the middle board.

Step 7: Reduce Weight

After I finish everything I decided to cut these areas to reduce the weight and also because I think It'll look better !

After that, I sand it again.

Step 8: Tools & Materials


  1. Tape meter & Pencil
  2. Protective headphones
  3. Protective glasses
  4. L-Square
  5. Jig saw
  6. Sanding paper
  7. Orbital sander
  8. Drill-impact driver
  9. Drill driver
  10. Drill 3 mm


  1. Wood glue
  2. Wood Screws M4x30
  3. Wood Screws M4x50

  4. Wood Planks 9x2 Cm

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