How to Make a Toddler Craft Table



Introduction: How to Make a Toddler Craft Table

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I was given this table by the local school, which turned out to be MDF and veneer, the veneer was so thin that as soon as I started sanding it, it went through the veneer. So I felt my only option was to paint the table. Only having bright paints in my shed I decided to make a kids craft table.

Step 1: Find an Old Table

The table at one stage had a drawer in it but the drawer did not come with the table, so the box gave me the idea to make a table with storage. I removed the table top which was glued down, but with a little help from some paint scrapers I got it off. The table was very loose all over, but this was solved with some wood glue and clamps.

Step 2:

To box the table in I measured the length of the table and cut a piece of plywood to fill in the gap. I glued the plywood and used a nail gun to secure it in. Next I cut some partitions so the table would be divided into different craft areas. I remove all the corners off the table with a router so it is more child friendly.

Step 3:

To cut the tabletop I measured the length and width of the table and cut the top using a circular saw. And then I realise that I did not leave any overhang on the top. Oops… To fix this I cut two pieces from the off cuts and glued it back on the sides and used straps to hold them in place and added a few screws for extra measure.

Step 4:

There was a gap in the back of the table to which the lid was screwed, I cut a small piece of wood and filled it in to strengthening it so it would be strong enough to hold the lid. I cut the table legs down to 53cm using a circular saw so it would be the right height for a toddler. I chiselled out a section for the hinges and used a hinge drill bit to make my holes to attach the hinges.

Step 5:

My table was not as deep as I would of liked. I wanted all the craft supplies to be able to stand up straight. So I added on a little box to one side of the table. The box was made from the scraps from the table top and I used a pocket hole jig to attach them all together. I used some scrap thin MDF to make a base for the box. And routered all the corners off.

Step 6:

Next I wanted to add some extra features to the table. I added a white board that slotted into the lid. I cut I small lip into three pieces of wood that the whiteboard will slot into. They had to be made shorter down the line because the lid did not close.

Step 7:

I removed the frame from the white board and on the reverse of the white board I will add a lego base plate. So the board can be removed and used on the table top as either white board or lego base for playing with lego.

Step 8:

I sanded down the table ready for painting. I am all for the easy way to do things so I painted the table first then I put it all together.

Step 9:

Once all my paint was dry and I added 3 coats of water based varnish to make the table more durable. I glued and a nailed it all together again. I clamped the box to the table and screwed in the pocket screws.

Step 10:

Then I decided to go over the top and add a roll of craft paper which runs across the table for the toddler to draw on. And used a scrap of aluminum to hold the paper down. I bought some cute flower-pots to hold the craft supplies in the side box. To see more images of this project

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