Introduction: How to Make a Kit Kat Hot Tub Cake

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In honor of my dad who passed away a few years ago. How to make a cute and easy arctic themed hot tub cake. I made fondant polar bears and penguins for this adorable cake.

Things needed:

2 layer 6" cake no more than 3.5" tall

8"X8" or 6"X6" cake board

10"X10" cake board

Floral foam

White buttercream frosting

Chocolate buttercream frosting

Blue and white piping gel: 3.5" Kit Kats (not snack size)

Fondant polar bear head and feet Fondant penguins

Step 1: Prepare Your Cake

Make a 6" 2 layer cake. Frost the sides with chocolate buttercream and the top with white buttercream. You don't have to frost neatly. Leave the top with some swirls in it.

Step 2: Cover the Sides of the Cake With Kit Kats.

Put them on as straight as possible. Have extra chocolate buttercream available to attach the Kit Kats if needed. Once covered put it in the refrigerator.

Step 3: Create a Water Effect

Use blue and white piping gel. Start with the blue frosting in a circular motion. Then do the same with the white buttercream in random spots until you are happy with the look.

Step 4: Make Polar Bear Head Feet and Other Fondant Decorations.

To make the polar bear head make a ball of white fondant. Use you hands to make one side more pointed. Roll small balls of black fondant for the eyes and nose and attach with a little water. Roll out some white fondant and use a round cookie cutter to make the 2 feet. Roll out black fondant and cut a small circle for the pads on his feet. Use a toothpick and black food color to draw on his toes.

For the penguins roll out 2 balls of black fondant one smaller than the other for the head and body.Attach with water. Roll out white fondant and cut a circle for his belly and use a heart shaped cutter for his face. Use a leaf cookie cutter to make the his flippers. Roll out some orange fondant and use the leaf cutter to make his feet. Cut a small triangle for his beak.

Step 5: Make the Glacier Structures

Use some floral foam and cut it into different shaped blocks. Glue them together to form whatever shapes you want.

Step 6: Decorate Your Cake

Move your cake to a larger cake board. Cover the cake board with white buttercream. Attach the floral foam structures and cover in buttercream. Place the bear head at one end of the hot tub and his 2 feet at the other. Place your penguins and any other decorations onto the cake board.