Introduction: How to Make a Knex HC-12(Hand Cannon)

This is my first Knex gun that I posted and it is a hand cannon. The name came from how many times I re modified it. It’s a single shot pistol that shoots what I call heavy ammo. But it’s basically a red rod with a purple connector on the end. I recently modified it to shoot white rods. You essentially could add a magazine but I never really under stand the physics and structure behind it. But if you do it instead just shoots white rods. Also the pieces I use are a different color so I am saying the color of the pieces I have.


To make this you need to have these items(I split up some items to make it easier to take apart)
For the gun
•12 white connectors
•15 mandatory white rod
•15 optional rods either white or blue
•2 blue connectors
•7 D grey connectors
•7 black connectors
•2 red connectors
•4orange connectors
•41 black rods(green)
•2 L grey connectors
•9 purple connectors
•1 blue connector
•1 small rubber band
For the firing pin
•1 grey rod
•1 orange connector
•1 blue rod
•1 thick rubber band
•1 medium rubber band
•1 red rod
•1 purple connector

Step 1: For the Barrel

Step 2: For the Handle

Step 3: For the Firing Pin and Trigger

Step 4: Putting It Together